Thursday, June 16, 2011

List of reasons I know I am getting old

1. The hair in my nose and ears is greater than the hair on my cheeks in quantity, structure, density and growth rate

2. If I make it to the sports portion of the evening news, I consider it a moral victory

3.These sweaters are items #1 (right) and #4 (left) on my Christmas wish list. Sandwiched between them are warm socks (#2) and a new world atlas (#3)

4. I am obsessed with wondering if things make me old. Seriously, every thought or idea is closely followed by, "Does that make me old?"

5. I drink my whiskey straight now, or perhaps on the rocks. Mixing with soda pop or any other sugar based beverage makes me want to vomit. Also, I just said soda pop.

6. Speaking of drinking, if I have one I may as well have 20 - I'm gonna feel like crap the next day either way

7. If I am still asleep at 6:30 AM on a weekend, I consider it a moral victory

8. I find it easier and easier to talk myself out of going to concerts, sporting events, parent/teacher conferences, etc.

9. I watch the History Channel often and MTV never

10. My morning drive time radio? The Good Neighbor, WCCO 830. Traffic and weather on the eights! Because you never know how the weather forecast may have changed in the last ten minutes.

11. It took me countless frustrating minutes to publish this list because I couldn't figure out how to add the damn picture. I finally had to call Audrey in for assistance.

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