Thursday, June 16, 2011

The 4500 Pound Experiment - Day 2

I realized today that this competition is no joke - the message board today was full of everybody's strategies.  It seemed like everyone has basically the same game plan - eliminate fast food, drink less, work out at least five days a week and one strategy purely for comic relief ("clean the wasteland", "lots and lots of internet porn", etc.).  So, I figure I need a strategy.

I've done the no-carbs diet before and it was brilliant.  I ate nothing but cheddarwurst three meals a day for about 4 months and dropped a ton a weight, which I put back on in about three days.  The Führer and the Tough Love Gestapo are deadset against this - something about fat, cholesterol, sodium, blah, blah, blah. 

So, looks like it's rabbit feed for me - which will be fine for now, but I worry about it getting old in a hurry.

On the plus side (pun intended), I weighed myself after basketball at the club today and I have already lost six pounds.  I am convinced this has more correlation to the pasty oatmeal i choked down for breakfast than the fact that I weighed myself in only a towel today and was fully dressed yesterday.  I'm on pace to drop 540 pounds, which I think should give me a pretty good shot at winning this thing.

Day Two:
Weight: 229
Mood: Still ok with this general concept
Slip ups: None, but the night is young

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