Thursday, June 16, 2011

Here is What is Annoying Me Today

Because this crappy grayness that is our weather has gotten me to the snapping point and my better half can only take so much of my bitching and moaning, everyone will get to share my misery. Here is what is annoying me today:

1. My right shoe will NOT stay tied, no matter what I do. It's a lost cause, so please don't offer your suggestions or solutions.

2. Someone near Memphis, TN, and someone near Newark, NJ, who have some 'splainin to do will NOT return my phone calls or answer my emails. Do they think ignoring me will make me less angry with them?

3. At noon ball today I made a brilliant old man move that I can pull off only once in about 100 games. Seriously, faked my much younger defender right out of his jock, walked right around him, went untouched to the basket and blew the lay-up.

4. My favorite beer glass has a chip in it and will have to be put to pasture. I will be reviewing resumes for a new favorite beer glass all weekend long.

5. I cannot get Afroman's "Because I was High" out of my head. It's on a continual loop to the point where I start doing play by play of my life, but to the tune. For example, "I was going to get another cup of coffee, but I was high" or "I have to tie my f*cking shoe again, because I am high"

6. My windshield fluid pump is not working which is a huge annoyance because of the grayness crap noted above. By the time I get home from work, looking out my windshield feels like I am looking at an x-ray of Keith Richard's lungs.

Thanks for listening - I feel much better now.

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