Sunday, February 3, 2013

Google is Even More Brilliant than we Thought

In my never-ending quest to become grumpier and less technologically advanced, I have decided that I am no longer interested in answering my phone.  No offense, but I simply don't like it.  Additionally, my phone has developed advanced stage Tourette's and is prone to unexplainable outbursts - especially dialing people at random.  Thus, I have become more and more removed from my phone and rarely have it on me.  Being a father/husband/co-worker, however, I do realize that occasionally people may need to get a hold of me.  Thus, a few weeks ago, I installed Google Voice to my phone.  Basically, what this does is transcribe the voicemails I receive and sends them to me via text and email.

Friday night, I was able to see it in action for the first time.  KT was at a work party which had the possibility of ending late and the potential of bad decisions.  I, having to work the next day, burrowed in at home for an eventful night of FIFA.  About 11, with no word from KT, I decided to turn in.  Before doing so, I took a glance at my phone.  I had a missed call from her at 10:40.  And, she left a voicemail.  Intrigued and a bit excited, I decided to use Google Voice to read what the voicemail said.  Here is the exact transcript:

Yes, hey. Hello. 5th. Hello Yes, Hello, hello, p, Hello Hi Paul, hello Hey, this is KT know, Hey Hi Paul,This. Hey, hey hey, hook. Bye. Hello, hello, hello Hey, had to here. But. Hello. Bye, hey hey tara atHello Mr. If you saw lot. Hey, hey hey hey. The Difference yo. Hello, We will hallways, hey okay.Hello going bye, hey hey. do. Well, I'll. Hey, call it think, hey Yeah, hey hey hello. Well, Well. Hello.Ohh. Hey, it's me Why. Hey bye hey. Just, ohh. He's I, hey. All goodbye and by and. 

Major fail.  Google Voice definitely is not the answer in my quest to avoid taking calls.  Concerned I may have missed an important message, I decided to listen to the voicemail.  Turns out Google Voice nailed it.  The transcript is exactly what she said.

Well played, Google Voice.  Google Translate, it's your move.