Thursday, May 9, 2013

How I (Hope to) Stop Worrying and Love the Commute

  I hate cars.  This is no secret to anyone who knows me.  More than anything, this can most likely be traced to the fact that I go into a complete meltdown tailspin anytime my vehicle makes a funny noise or (god forbid) a warning light comes on.  I freak out at the first sniff of any automobile issue and generally drive my entire family crazy with the giant storm cloud above my head.  I fully admit that this is irrational and that everything will be just fine and I'm acting like a petulant child, but I just can't help myself (medication please).  Even when our cars are running smoothly, I am gripped with crippling stress on each journey I take waiting for what I believe to be the inevitable collapse (again, medication please, illicit or non).

  In an attempt to ease my inner torment, I have decided to conduct an experiment. Beginning tomorrow, May 10th, I will attempt to not drive or ride in a personal motorized vehicle for one month. My only means of transport will be walking, biking or taking the bus/light rail (this is the point when all those not fortunate enough to have a car can rightfully label me an entitled jackass).  When I mentioned this idea to KT, she was supportive, mostly I assume because she is completely bored with my incessant bitching about cars.  She did have one caveat, however:  I can't use my grand experiment as an excuse to get out of things I would normally do.  In other words, if I promised to do the grocery shopping and it is pouring rain out, tough shit.  I really have no grounds to protest.  So, the rules are as follows:

1)  I cannot drive or ride in a personal motorized vehicle for one month
2)  I cannot neglect, cancel or delay engagements - whether they be social, work or other - because of my experiment
3)  I must not inconvenience others because of my experiment.  I must adapt my lifestyle/timeline, not expect them to adapt to me.
4)  I must document the experiment

That's it.  Sounds simple enough.  I'm excited about doing it, but can't promise the same level of enthusiasm if it's raining when I need to leave for work tomorrow.

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  1. This sounds like a nightmare to me. Good luck!