Friday, May 10, 2013

Diamond Cutting Scabs

Good morning Minneapolis

Ride one is in the books.  I successfully arrived at work with only two minor miscalculations.

1)  I start work at 9:00.  I arrived at work at 8:00.  This isn't the first time I have biked to work - I did so fairly frequently last summer, so I'm not entirely sure why I thought I had to leave at 7:15 for the 8.91 mile (thanks!) ride from my home in Columbia Heights to the office in New Hope.  I blame my German heritage (Order!  Wir mussen Ordnung haben!) and Lutheran upbringing for my absolute anal-retentive insistence on never being late.  And by late I mean being only 15 minutes early.  I am currently making amends however by writing this and refusing to do any actual work until 9:00

2)  It is a beautiful sunny morning in Minneapolis (see photo above).  Deceivingly beautiful. I left home wearing a t-shirt and light wind shirt for my ride.  By mile four my nipples were as hard as diamond cutters (don't worry, I'll spare you photos - but I did take some).  I have extraordinarily small nipples.  When they get cold they tend to shrivel into unidentifiable dots on my chest.  KT, as she is wont to do, summed it best once when she said, "They don't even look like nipples, they look like two small scabs."  Anyways, lesson learned.  Anyone know a good place to buy nipple muffs?

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