Friday, July 12, 2013


If anyone questions where KT’s allegiances lie, let me offer the following brief story from the other night:

I was telling Audrey an amusing story from a book I am reading about a motorcycle gang in Sweden.  Instead of using the term “motorcycle gang” however, I was referring to them as “bikers”.  Audrey was having a difficult time following my story, but like a true hero, KT jumped in to explain.

“He means BIKERS, like this”, she said.  She then proceeded to straddle an invisible Harley, place her hands above her head (high handlebars apparently), put a “do me” look on her face and purred an engine noise while revving a fake throttle.

“He doesn’t mean bikers like him”  She then pointed at me, crossed her eyes, hung her tongue out of her mouth, shook her head like a bobblehead doll, and began pantomiming pedaling, looking much similar to someone in the first spastic, panicky moments of drowning.

Message received, honey.

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