Friday, January 16, 2015

Outfit of the Day

True story:  I'm not the most fashion conscious person.  In fact, the opposite (fashion unconscious?) would be a more apt description.  Apart from underwear and socks and one clearance priced University of Minnesota sweatshirt, I haven't purchased "new" clothing in about three years.  Instead, I rely on thrift stores to keep me clad.  And by thrift stores, I don't mean fancy ones whose names contain words like "Chic" "Retro" or "Name Brand".  Instead, I browse the Dirty Heights stores where it is recommended you thoroughly wash your hands several times after visiting.  Anyways, all of this is just an obnoxiously wordy way of saying I may occasionally be susceptible to ridicule for my chosen outfit of the day.

Never one to pass up a chance to ridicule me, KT has turned it into a science (as I've noticed, and she agrees, she is definitely funniest when she is mean).  The following - in non-chronological order - is a very incomplete list of her replies when I ask her if my outfit is suitable to be seen in public:

 - "You look like a picnic blanket"
 - "You do know people can see you, right?"
 - "Playing tennis at the country club today, are we?"
 - (KT) "What do you have going on today?" (me) "Nothing special, just a normal work day" (KT, with a snort while shaking her head) "Just go"
 - "What exactly is the look you are going for?"
 - "Hard to believe that came from the thrift store"
 - "Is that a costume?"
 - "What up P Diddy?"
 - (in falsetto voice) "Sweater Boyyyyy!" (this is applicable anytime I wear a sweater)
 - "What can brown do for you?"
 - "What color do you think that is?"

and, my personal favorite:

 - "It looks like you are attempting to create Garanimals for adults."

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