Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Job Searching Chronicles, Part One

A variety of reasons, including:

1.  The fact that my company has filed bankruptcy for the second time in five years
2.  The fact that the Teamsters have authorized a strike
3.  The fact that I am tired of falling asleep before 7:00 PM
4.  The fact that I really, really (really) miss weekends more than I thought I would

have me back in the job market.  Job searching is exhausting, most often discouraging, sometimes exciting and usually monotonous.  Today, I came across a posting that was too good not to apply for.  The posting read like this:

Swedish Speaking Baker
We need a swedish speaking baker who would be able to read swedish recipes for part time baking. Please respond through email. Thank you. 

Here is the email I sent them:

I em fery interested in thees jub yuoo hefe-a edferteesed fur a Svedeesh beker. I hefe-a ixtenseefe-a ixpereeence-a in Svedeesh bekeeng und em eble-a tu reed und vreete-a Svedeesh flooently. I veell nut, hooefer, vurk veet zee cheeckens oor zee lubsters, es I hefe-a bed pest ixpereeences veet zeem. I hefe-a etteched a phutu fur yuoor refference-a und hupe-a tu heer frum yuoo suun. Thunk yuoo. Bork Bork Bork!

Amazingly, I haven't been offered the position yet.  I'll let you know when I get it, however.

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