Sunday, March 23, 2014

I Sh*t You Not

Because it is both horrifying and fascinating, here, in chronological order, is what KT has ingested since her last documented BM (she not only documents, but rates BMs):

1.  One (1) Large Wendy's Chili, w/everything
2.  One (1) Medium Wendy's fries
3.  One (1) party platter of grocery store sushi, imported from California  **note - this should read minus one piece.  KT arrived home from work Friday with a party platter of sushi, declaring "I got dinner for us!"  I expressed some hesitation over sushi made in California then shipped via (hopefully) refrigerated rail to Hopkins where it was then transferred via a (hopefully) refrigerated truck to our local store where it was (hopefully) immediately placed in a refrigerated area where KT (hopefully) quickly grabbed it and brought it home.  KT took my reservation as an official declaration of my disinterest and proceeded to "annex" the entire platter under KT Kruschkev's control minus one piece I was able to sample.
4.  One (1) Summit Frost Line Rye
5.  One (1) Bottle of Prosecco
6.  Two (2) pieces of white bread, toasted.
7.  Two (2) eggs, fried
8.  One (1) shitload butter
9.  Coffee -  several, several cups
10.  One (1) "taco-in-a-bag" consisting of beef, sour cream, cheddar cheese, salsa, onion, pepper, Cool Ranch Doritos, taco seasoning and shredded lettuce.
11.  One (1) Summit Frost Line Rye
12.  Two (2) Tasty Pizza chicken wings w/blue cheese
13.  One (1) Miller Lite, tap (large)
14.  Pizza, undetermined quantity, featuring Canadian bacon, pineapple and saurkraut
15.  One (1) pear cider (medium)
16.  One (1) red velvet chocolate covered Easter candy egg (purely as research for her yearly "Do They Make Peanut-Butter Meltaway Eggs Anymore?" project)
16a. (see number twenty-six (26) below and repeat)
17.  One (1) glass box wine, chardonnay
18.  Two (2) small bowls taco meat, one (1) including store bought guacamole
19.  Coffee - several, several cups
20.  Pancakes, undetermined quantity
21.  Syrup + Butter, unknown quantity
22.  Two (2) turkey sausage links
23.  (see number ten (10) and repeat)
23a.  One (1) BM - bloody mary, that is
24.  Two (2) Samoa Girl Scout cookies
25.  Six (6) pancakes with fake butter
26.  One (1) spoonful of chicken salad
27.  One (1) slice Muenster cheese
28.  One (1) Harp's lager

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